Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ky-Mani Marley Creates The Love Over All Foundation


The Love Over All Foundation, is an organization created by Ky-mani Marley as a means of
'giving back'. This charitable organization not only caters to the upliftment of children, Ky-mani's number one priority, but Love Over All is also focused on restoring values, rebuilding schools and supplying the basic necessities needed in the classrooms, as well as the community.

Born in Falmouth, Trelawny, Ky-mani has always been passionate about returning to his birthplace and doing his part to assist the residents in the community. Earlier this year, Ky-mani and his friend Lumba Green, also from Falmouth, decided to 'just do it'. They revisited Falmouth where they immediately put their plan into action. 

Re-evaluating, refurbishing and repainting. That's the order. Rebuilding! Since Falmouth All Age School is right 'by the seaside', Ky-mani's plans include building a patio so the school will have a proper entrance, thus keeping away the dirt and mud. A new netball court and a refurbished soccer field is also on Ky-mani's 'to do' list. This project is dear to his heart and donations have already poured in to assist the foundation with expenses.

While concentrating their efforts on providing computers, books, uniforms and soccer jerseys for the students, Ky-mani and Lumba took time out to treat the almost 800 students to lunch. They were also on hand to provide and present trophys on sports day to the schools athletes. Realizing that these children deserve the best of the present and a reason to look towards the future, the Love Over All Foundation is all talking.

Currentlly, the foundations website is under construction and Ky-mani is optimistic about the future with regards to this project. The plan is to step at a time. There is strength in numbers and Ky-mani plans to execute with Love-Over All.

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MonaR said...

Peace and Love to Ky-Mani it is truly a blessing to give back to the future of our nation. Our children. Let pay it forward together in one love, one heart one nation.

Much Love & respect