Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ziggy debuts at # 1 on Billboard Reggae Album Chart

Ziggy Marley’s newest release, Family Time made its debut this week at the coveted top spot of the Billboard Top Reggae Album Chart.

Family Time pushed ska band Easy All Stars, Easy Stars Lonely Hearts Band to the number two position. This spot was formerly held by Rasta Got Soul, the most recent offering from deejay Buju Banton. Banton recently made his debut at number two, to much fanfare, and has since been unable to knock Easy All Stars from the top of the charts. Rasta Got Soul peaked at number 2 and now slides into the number 3 slot.
Over on the Billboard Top 200 chart, Family Time made its debut at #149 and slid into the #20 slot on the Top Independent Albums chart.

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