Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Single: Jah Cure feat. Marley Brothers

Fans, especially the ladies, can listen out for a brand new track that will be sure to rock their world. Tentatively titled ‘Love You To The End Of Time’, the soulful single features Jah Cure, Stephen & Damian Marley along with Christopher Ellis (son of Alton Ellis).

“Jah Cure is here for the ladies, they are always at the forefront of everything I do,” said the ladies man. “I am a crooner for the ladies which is evident in lots of my songs. So ladies, Jah Cure is coming at you with another love song, this time with friends. Listen out for ‘Love You To The End Of Time’.”
source: IMAGES LLC press release

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Anonymous said...

after watching the bet awards got me thinking.y'all done so much for africa but what about jamaica.i know africa is were the heart is but jamaica is the land of our birth.jah bless