Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ziggy Marley: Keeping reggae alive (article 1/30/2009)

A new generation embraces the legacy of the legendary Bob Marley, writes Bruce Elder.

There was really only one glorious moment for reggae. During the mid-to-late '70s, when Bob Marley was at his peak, British record companies rushed to Jamaica and signed up a range of extraordinary acts. [...]

Mention this to Ziggy Marley, the heir to his father's legacy and the most successful member of Bob Marley's huge, extended musical family, and he replies immediately: "Sure. Sure. I think so. I remember. I remember. That is my favourite time, musically, and even, like, being alive as a child. It was the character of the individuals that made the music great. It was the consciousness, the progressiveness, the struggles and being closer connected to the past. They were closer connected to my grandparents, who were closer connected to slavery.

"The generation of today is much further disconnected from the struggles of their people … there aren't as many character-building elements as there used to be. It was a certain kind of character who would make music like that."[...]

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