Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ziggy Marley - Let Your Love Flow

This is my little christmas gift for all vistors of!
Happy holidays, merry christmas and a blessed new year!
A super rare Ziggy Marley song from 1999.

some facts about this song:
It's a cover song.
Original is from the Bellamy Brothers, who released it back in 1976!
Ziggy's version of the song has been used in the movie 'The Shrink Is In!
The movie was filmed in 1999, so the song is prolly from 1999!
Ziggy appeared in the movie as himself performing the song.
Below is a scene from the movie:


Piraveen said...

sounds good! good feelings

freewise fotography said...

Cool vibes...nice little hidden gem...thanks for sharing...peace.....

jeromeis said...

thanks for the christmas present
one love

LisaMarie said...

Awesome-thank you Ziggy!

fagon said...

This is a very nice song. Real irie vibrations. Respect Ziggy!

Shoesy said...

Blessings to Ziggy. You should be proud to give such a gift to the children with your voice. Nothing is more powerful than music. Our children need something in life that is positive. Especially now in these times of economic crisis and uncertainty in life. Blessings you will recieve. You truly have a gift that is ever so giving. Peace and Unity, Life and Love.

MonaR said...

Jah bless Ziggy:

Thank so much for thinking of our children. They truly need more positive uplifting music in their lives..
Jah Bless
Mona R

bccskibum said...

I really love that little clip. Thank you greatly for that offering. Is there anyway to get a copy of that for my Ipod? - thanks again

tvsm_bean said...

Great vibe. I too would like to buy a copy of this recording. I didn't find it on ITunes.