Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nat King Cole feat. Damian Marley - Calypso Blues

listen to Calypso Blues here or click on play:

Nat’s Calypso Blues is an immigrant’s tale laced with humor and a constant percussive groove. Stephen and Damian – just two of Bob Marley’s many talented children – weave their affection for the King and the rhythm of their Reggae roots into the original mix.

Nat King Cole: His dignity, his class, his poise – and throughout it all – his voice, have inspired generations of musicians and fans for over four decades since his passing.

In 2009, EMI/Capitol Records will release RE:GENERATIONS, a groundbreaking album that for the first time pairs some of today’s most creative and commercial artists with Nat King Cole, offering them an opportunity to tip their hats to Nat by virtually joining him in the studio to record an entirely new record for today’s market.

These artists/producers have created tracks that transcend time and space by incorporating Nat’s vocals with their own musical stylings and personal aesthetics. As musical architecture, this album constructs a bridge between generations, between cultures and races.

RE:GENERATIONS celebrates our love of melody, harmony, percussion and lyrics – the universal language that brings us all together. Welcome to the sounds of Nat King Cole’s RE:GENERATIONS...

from kingcoleproductions.com


Stephanie said...

Listen Where!!???? Please post! Rastafari respect

Stephanie said...

BIG UP Julian as always...
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Julian said...

blessed! I added the link, cause the player is not shown for certain browsers.