Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marley moves on Blue Mountain coffee (article 10/14/2008)

Marley Coffee Inc has leased 52 acres of coffee farmland in the Jamaican Blue Mountains in a bid to fillip its organic coffee operation.

The farm is located at Chepstowe, Skibo in Portland, Jamaica. The lease lasts for eight years at US$1,000 each year beginning this February. This is the second lease of land in recent times.

"The farm is spread out over 52 acres of land. Currently only 12 acres have been identified for coffee production but this will be increased but to a maximum of 30 acres to preserve ecological diversity. Due to the altitude and geographic location of the land on which the farm is located, the coffee produced can be classified as 'Blue Mountain Coffee'," said Marley Coffee Inc in its financial released to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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jahmekya said...

I love coffee! Especially Blue mountain coffee! But I am a bit suprised that the Marley's are into coffee...acording to the song: "One good spliff"...Stephen's singing: "and I don't drink coffee, cause they say it's just not right for me.."
Oh well, I hope it gives possibilities for poor people in the blue mountains to get a job there...