Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now Open: Marley Resort in Nassau, Bahamas!

Inspiration comes easy at the Marley Resort & Spa. Originally a governor’s mansion, Nana Marley (Rita) purchased the property after falling in love with its lush landscape and we used it as a summer getaway for many years. Today, the intimate world-class sanctuary echoes the enduring creative spirit and traditions of our family.

Located on a secluded stretch of famed Cable Beach in Nassau, our resort is an elegant microcosm of African and Caribbean style. Sculptured hand-carved doors, mosaic tiles, intricate stonework and limestone walls accentuate throughout.

Our luxurious 16 themed suites and deluxe accommodations blend the warmth of Marley history with ultimate comfort and convenience. Service is unparalleled. Amid Nassau's atmosphere of relaxed and artful living, Marley Resort & Spa is a true haven for travelers. Spanning past and present, its accommodations and amenities are as beautiful and unusual as its setting.

We are happy to say, The Legend Lives at the Marley Resort & Spa. We invite you to come and experience this nostalgic, mystical piece of paradise we once called home. Come embrace the feeling of One Love and One Heart in only One Place.

-The Marley Family

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jahmekya said...

To be honest...
I think this is to much over the top to put a Marley-brand on...I'm really curious what Bob would think about this, if he was still here...
I know he refused to buy Ian Flemings luxurious resort in Oracabessa when he had the chance to, because he wanted to stick to his roots...