Sunday, October 26, 2008

Father's Day Tribute: Ziggy Marley

Father’s Day Tribute
hangin’ out with happenin’ dads
KidsLA Magazine, Summer Issue 2008

Everything just seems right with the world when talking to Ziggy Marley. He just brings this aura of peace and love, which is a way he fulfills one of his primary daddy roles: being a good example. Ziggy believes that parents should give their kids “good roots” to have a solid foundation as an adult. He feels the whole being is important, which includes staying healthy and exercising. Ziggy promotes the phrase “action speaks louder than words” and uses his music to promote his message of love.

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waleednour76 said...

awesome family.i like what i saw

SISTER - Ray said...

Beautiful sons!!!


great work, you are a big and wonderful father !!!

your fan Ray

freedomsouldier said...

if those pics of you with your loves were a color, we would surely share that color with you:). its just beautiful. and i agree. and i liked hearing about your dad as a role model daddy:) children are a blessing and are just more than the best words could say. all mommys and daddys are blessed and our babies are a gifts from God for sure. so cheers to one good daddy from one good mommy.:) irie love. ps looking forward to the kids album etc... you go ziggy!

jahmekya said...


I love this pic, but also the direction Ziggy's going now...